Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Common Cultural Language- Nachas from an Unexpected Quarter

For years I have been involved in any number of efforts at recreating a common, Jewish cultural language between religious and non-religious Jews in Israel. Sharing language, symbols, cultural resonances and historical memories is critical for this country tio survive. I even hoped that political discussions could be carried out by Right and Left, religious and non-religious Israelis through reference to the rich Jewish tradition that belongs to all Jews.

Yesterday's Haaretz featured an article by Avirama Golan that was a perfect example of that hope coming to fruition. An avowed Leftist, she engaged the political positions of the Right with thoughtful observations based upon Jewish sources, that were not distorted.

The late Mapam leader, Ya'aqov Hazan, once said that he wanted to create epiqorsim (educated heretics), but ended up with am ha-aratzim (ignoramuses). Looks like the tide might just be turning. No matter the political position espoused, this is a positive development from any angle. Imagine! Nachas from Haaretz!

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