Monday, December 06, 2004

The Medium is Sometimes the Message

I've been following the postings of an interesting blog called Chakira for a few months. The author's postings are predominantly concerned with the in and outs of Modern Orthodoxy, generally, and YU/RIETS, in particular. This is not the place to comment on his overall output. I would, however, like to comment upon his style tone.

Qohelet (9,17) says: 'The words of the sages are spoken quietly.' (Cf. Qohelet Rabbah, parsha 9 s.v. (1) divre.) It's excellant advice, especially if you want to address issues that are laden with emotional implications. Chakira, all too often, let's his adrenalin carry him off and harms the cogency of what he wants to say. If a point can't be made effectively. but respectfully, it wasprobably not that good a point in the first place.

Good advice for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Professor Woolf,
You are dealing with a 19 year old college student. Perhaps pick on someone a bit older.

Jeffrey said...

I didn't know. However, he's obviously a bright (somewhat brash) kid and it's never to early to learn to make an effective point.

Anonymous said...

he isnt even 19, probably more like 17-18, but the same difference. he is a young college kid trying to show how not yeshivish he is. he's a bright kid, yet a little misguided.

Jeffrey said...

OK. I have no interest in engaging an adolescent rebellion....Kid's got potential, though.