Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Future Classics

One of the commenters on my posting about the Rambam asked who would stil be read in a hundred years. The question intrigues me. So, I"m asking anyone else who's intrigued to post comments or e-mail me suggestions. Who are the classic writers (Jewish and non-Jewish) who lived from 1900-2000, who you think will still be on the front shelves in 2100.


Gil Student said...

I remember once discussing this in yeshiva regarding which books of Torah scholarship would remain as classics. R. Baruch Simon, now a rosh yeshiva in YU, thought that R. Kanievsky's Kehillos Ya'akov and R. Feinstein's Iggeros Moshe would stand the test of time.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully R. Eliezer Berkovitz will make a comeback and the Rav will become more accepted.

I'm unaware of who in the more charedi circles are considered prolific and inspiring authors, but it's an interesting question. R. Volbe comes to mind for mussar, and certainly R. Dessler or R. Hutner. The Steipler might not be accessible enough. I'm interested in other's thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating question. The Shaarei Yosher is quietly gaining adherents. It is the outstanding work on the jurisprudence of Jewish Law.