Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Democracy, Pravda-Style (oops! Haaretz-style)

I seem to constantly violate my no politics rule. However, some things are just too incredible to let go by without comment.

Haaretz has just published two amazing articles. In the first, it argues against Democracy in the Palestine Authority. In the other, it informs us that referenda are anti-democratic.

I guess democracy is restricted to whatever Amos Schocken and Co. think (such as leaving Yesha and de-judaizing Israel as soon as possible). If you disagree, you're not a democrat.

Pravda could not have done a better job, but Sharansky already knew that.

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amechad said...

So what can we do about that? What can the average Israeli or the "Anglo oleh" do about the lack of democracy in Israel? For other info, see my blog (my first post today, I think)