Thursday, March 17, 2005

Torah Currents...A Project of the Orthodox Caucus

Few Modern Orthodox initiatives have been as successful and influential as the Orthodox Caucus. If there is a usable Pre-Nuptial Agreement to block recalcitrant husbands; if the RCA Bet Din eas reorganized and upgraded; if there are Yoatzot Halakha in the US; if the Orthodox Community is confronting tough ethical issues it is because of the Caucus.

Now, the Caucus has undertaken a new learning initiative, in the form of an on-line journal cum blog, known as Torah Currents. I am proud to be on the Editorial Board and to have published my first piece there, about Megillat Esther. I welcome comments, there or here.

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Anonymous said...

The Orthodox Caucus is just another version of the Shvil Hazahav. Same leftist Orthodox Rabbis and Business people who were burnt by the Oslo process and have moved on. Yes, a few of them throw out "avoda zara" comments and such when it comes to Yishuv Haaretz, and refuse to recognize their own idol worshipping of the State of Israel that most of them have refused to move to. Now they pick up the latest in modern orthodox trends and make a new organization. Will fall apart in a few years. There's only so much milage one can get out of the student year in Israel and agunot issues.