Thursday, April 21, 2005

The significance of the Story...

It's been nigh on impossible to write during the rush up to Pesach. Still, I had an ironic insight during the twilight twixt Hametz and Matzah.

The essence of the mitzvah of telling the story of the Exodus is just that, telling the story. Telling the story, which is but one part of passing on the Masorah (Tradition), is the most a sublime obligation of the parent/teacher. It is a right and an obligation and a privilege that is vouchsafed to those who are loyal to the Masorah, to those who sacrifice for the Masorah, to those who live heroically in the preservation of the Masorah. It is the teller of the story who ultimately decides who is wise and who is wicked, in the annals of the Jewish People (based upon God's judgement, as he sees it).

In secular terms, it will be those who survive as Jews, as bearers of the Masorah, who will ultimately write the history of the Jews. Those who have given up, will either care not or know not to be interested. Hence, all those who think that they will ensure their place in Jewish History for good by driving Jews out of their homes w/o anywhere to go, by paternalistically dismissing the profound seriousness of our enemies, by systematically trying to de-judaize the State of Israel will indeed find themselves a place in our history. We, however, will be the ones who determine that history's evaluation. They may well find themselves in for a very rude surprise.

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