Monday, May 09, 2005

In Defense of Religious Zionism

I am happy that someone published a decent defense of Religious Zionism. Kudo's to Ira Slomowitz for writing it.


Oysvurf said...

outofstepjew and Ira Slomowitz are one and the same. See the author's tag line at the end of the editorial

Anonymous said...

I wrote an article that touched on religious Zionism. Go to

bar_kochba132 said...

As someone who identifies with the "Religious Zionist" camp and who is trying to take part in the struggle against the Sharon/Peres' regimes attempt to destroy Gush Katif, I must say that I don't feel that there is any "ideological crisis" in the "National Religious" camp. The majority of the population opposes what the gov't is trying to do. This is why Sharon refused to carry out a referendum or call elections in order to get a mandate. The simple fact is that there has basically been a "coup d'etat" in Israel and an illegal gov't is in power. This doesn't show that Rav Kook's or Gush Emunim's philosophy towards settlement is wrong, it just means we all must work hard to restore democracy and freedom to the Jewish people after the ruling clique has stolen these things. Everyone is looking to the "National Relgious" camp to lead the struggle. The only question is whether its political leadership is capable of doing this.. the rank and file is ready!