Monday, July 24, 2006

He Gets It....

The last thing that one can say about Yoram Kaniuk is that he's a Rightist. As he himself writes, in 1947, 'I still belonged to a socialist youth movement supporting a two-nation state. I protested against occupation before we ever occupied anyone. ' Nevertheless, as further proof of my earlier post, even he gets it. (Note the passing reference to Stalin's as a mass-murderer.)

[Akiva Eldar, another 'True Believer,' ( a la Eric Hoffer) doesn't.]


Ben Bayit said...

Hashomer Hatzair was founded in Vienna. Did you feel the presence of Meir Yaari?

A "country of all its citizens" is more-or-less incompatible with a "Jewish State". If a Jewish State needs to remain at war in order to remain a Jewish State, then the elites will tire of it. and they will drag the public along with them. They will chalk up Kuniak to being a "zionist relic" and the younger generation will agitate to disband the State. If people didn't want to live by the sword for Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and barely want to live by the sword for the Galilee, they will eventually give up on Herzliya and Tel Aviv.

The UN force that Olmert is arranging with Condi will one day be in Ranana writing traffic tickets for the driving infractions of our children

slushy said...

kaniuk appears to be doing a blog for
it's worth checking out.