Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Only Israelis know...check that. Only Religious people know...sorry, not yet. Only Religious Zionist people who've had children go through Hesder/Mekhina know that the students of the latter constitute a distinct sub-culture, known as Beinishim (which has absolutely nothing nothing nothing to do with the new President of the Supreme Court. וחבל!). Beinish (בני"ש) is short for בני ישיבה. They are known for their somewhat odd observations on life and they're tendency to incorporate everything into Halakhah/Hashkafah.

For example, a well known joke goes as follows (sorry guys, it only works in Hebrew):
בחור ממרכז הרב מבקש מאביו את המפתחות לאוטו כדי שיוכל לצאת לפגישה עם 'שידוך.' האב מוסר את המפתחות ואומר לבנו: 'אל תשכח את האורות., עונה לו בנו: לקחתי.
So today I received an SMS from my son who is learning in Yeshiva HaHesder Petah Tiqva, with the folloing question:
אם תאכל פרה של עיר הנידחת, זה נחשב בקלוריות? שאלה טובה
Now, there's nachas!


David said...

That reminds me of the joke of the Brisker who spilled his soup on himself during Friday night dinner. His wife frantically asked if he was ok, and, writhing in pain and wincing, he replied, "Keli shelishi eino mevashel, I'm fine."

Anonymous said...

I fail to see what this post has to do with Israel/Zionism at all. It is true of Beinishim everywhere (though your first anecdote had a Kookian twist).

Jeffrey said...

Ah, but how many other yeshiva students come up with this type of thing while serving in an army?