Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gmar Hatima Tovah!

עבירות שבין אדם למקום, יום הכיפורים מכפר; שבינו לבין חברו--אין יום הכיפורים מכפר, עד שירצה את חברו
I would like to ask forgiveness, seliha u-mehila, of anyone that if I may have hurt, injured, insulted, slighted or adversely affected this past year, either through things I have writen here or in any other way. Please accept my sincerest apologies and my commitment to do everything in my capacity to avoid such transgressions in the future.
In the same way, I freely forgive any injuries and slights that were done to me.
May הקדוש ברוך הוא hear our prayers and grant us forgiveness for all of our sins and transgressions, and for the sins and transgressions of the entire House of Israel. May He bless us with a year of health, of Love of Torah and Fear of Sin, of salvtion from all of our enemies. May he help all of Israel to return to Him, to His Torah and to His Land. May he bless us, all of Israel and all the works of His hands, with His Peace.
גמר חתימה טובה לנו ולכל בית ישראל, בכל מקום שהם.
לשנה הבאב בירושלים

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