Tuesday, May 01, 2007

They Must All Go

The Interim Report of the Winograd Commission of Inquiry is the talk of the town. In a sense, it only expressed what we knew all along. Olmert is a corrupt, slick political opportunist who should never have become Prime Minister. Amir Peretz is a sad joke. Dan Halutz was a great fighter pilot who had no business commanding ground troops. We all know that he only received the job, because he agreed to carry out the destruction of Gush Qatif.

They must all go, but not they alone.

Tzippi Livni, who's an incompetent, ideological leftist cannot be allowed to become Prime Minister. In fact, as Nadav Haetzni said in today's Maqor Rishon, she would be worse that Olmert (mirabile dictu). She must go.

The corrupt ministers in the cabinet must go.

The people want elections. The only reason the Knesset is still here is because the apparatchiks that Olmert brought into power haven't a prayer of being reelected. So they hold us hostage to their egos.

Time to clean the Augean Stables. acting otherwise would be a gift to Hamas and Hizbullah.

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