Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zog Gornisht, Red Yiddish: No Canary

This was my late brother-in-law Larry's admonition. Loosely translated it means: Don't say a word. Beware of the Evil Eye!

Three in a row. One to go.

זאג גארנישט! רעד יידיש! קיין עין הרע ניט


treppenwitz said...

You need a pretty hefty tfu tfu tfu after that, dontcha think? :-)

Tonight may be the last chance to join the local chapter of the RS Nation at my place.

daat y said...

The Re Sox Nation does it again and deservedly so.
It is good that you have your priorities in the 'right place.'

Cyberglad said...

Hello, regarding the music, please check out Gravitator's anti-war CD "Democracy Tanks":