Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Muhammad A Dura Redux: Or, How Rachel Corrie Really Died

First George Orwell, and then, Jean Baudrillard warned that the media world was ripe for the manipulation of the truth. The tireless efforts of Richard Landes, Philippe Karsenty, and Nidra Poller demonstrated how the icon of the Oslo War (aka Intifada II), Muhammad al-Dura could not possibly have been killed by Israeli bullets in September 2000. (More likely, he's still alive or conveniently elsewhere.)

Now, proof has surfaced that Rachel Corrie, the ISM anarchist, was not killed while protecting a Palestinian house. She died accidentally while trying to prevent the closing of a tunnel used to smuggle arms and the component parts of Kassam rockets into Gaza from Egypt.

The videos and background are here.

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