Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kudos: Dr Mordechai Kedar

Kol ha-Kavod to Dr. Mordechai Kedar for telling it as it is:

Israeli on Arab TV: J'lem Was Ours When Moslems Worshipped Idols2 Sivan 5768, 05 June 08 12:41by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (IsraelNN.com)

Bar Ilan University political scientist Dr. Mordechai Kedar told a Moslem show host on the Arabic-language Al Jazeera television network, "Jews were in Jerusalem while your ancestors were drinking wine and blowing to idols."

In a heated debate with the narrator, he added, "We don't need your permission to build" in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. The encounter occurred earlier this week, when Jews around the world celebrated Jerusalem Unification Day. Dr. Kedar has frequently appeared on the widely viewed Qatar-based network but this time encountered a sharp attack from the show's host, Jimal Rian.

"Building in Jerusalem is another nail in the coffin in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority," narrator Jimal Rian asserted. Dr. Kedar answered in fluent Arabic, "This was our capital 3,000 years ago, and we were here when your forefathers were drinking wine, burying girls alive and worshipping pre-Muslim idols. This is our city and it will be our city forever." His reference to Muslims drinking wine, which is forbidden in Islam, infuriated the host. Rian wagged his finger in the air and said excitedly, "If you want to talk about history, you cannot erase Jerusalem from the Koran, and don't attack the Muslim religion if we want to continue talking." Dr. Kedar replied, "Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran. Jerusalem is a Jewish city.

"The Al Jazeera host responded by quoting a verse from the Koran in which he thought Jerusalem was mentioned by name, but stopped in the middle upon realizing that it only refers to "the farthest place." Dr. Kedar: "Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran even once. You can't rewrite the Koran on air on Al Jazeera."

Rian changed the subject to "settlements" and asked Dr. Kedar why Israel is building 1,000 new apartments and deciding to build thousands more while there are rumors that "Jerusalem will include all of the West Bank .

The Bar Ilan researcher replied. "My friend, Israel is not counting the number of apartments that Qatar is building on the Qatar Peninsula so why are you doing so in Jerusalem? Jerusalem is our city forever and is not an issue for you, for Al Jazeera or for anyone else. Period. Jerusalem belongs only to Jews. Replying to Rian's question if Dr. Behar's assessment is the basis for talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), he declared, "My friend, I invite you to Jerusalem so you can see with your own eyes that it has become a flourishing city after it was in ruins under Arab rule until 1967. We rebuilt the city and opened it to Christians, Moslems and Jews equally, unlike under Muslim rule" that prohibited other religions.

The political scientist told Al Jazeera viewers, "The West bank does not belong to any nation because it was not under a nation's jurisdiction, unlike the Sinai Peninsula." No one can say it is occupied," he argued. "From what country did we take it? Until 1967, Jordan occupied it. Therefore, we can do what we want." He explained that Al Jazeera takes a jihadic and anti-Israel stance in order to detract viewers' attention from the wealth of the oil-rich Arab kingdoms, including Qatar, where Al Jazeera is based. "The amount of poison that they disseminate about us from our home is too dangerous, and something had to be done," he recently told the Jewish Forward, referring to the Israeli government's unannounced partial boycott of the network.

He labeled Al Jazeera "the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood," the radical terrorist party that is gaining popularity in Egypt. Al Jazeera television claims 100 million viewers and has Israel-based studios in Jerusalem, Gaza and Ramallah.


Nachum said...

"burying girls alive"

They still do. Well, up to their necks, then they stone them.

Great post!

Y. Ben-David said...

It should be pointed out that Dr Kedar was at one time active in the Religious Leftist Meimad movement and he supported the disastrous Oslo Agreements. I am very glad to see intelligent people like him wake up to the realities of the situation. If only Israel's Foreign Service had people willing to speak like he does. Over and over I hear people outside Israel say that in debates between radical Arabs who say that we stole the Palestinian's "country", all "official" Israeli representatives can say (and this includes Tzippi Livni in an interview in the New York Times) is "let's not talk about the past, you have your 'narrative' and I have mine (do they really?), let's talk about the future, let's talk about peace". Shimon Peres is always quoted as saying "there is no point in hasbara, the only thing that matters is the 'correct' policy'", by that he means Israel telling the world "yes, we want to give up our holiest places, just convince the Arabs to take them". It sticks in Peres' (and the rest of the elite's) throats to have to defend the Jewish claims to Eretz Israel.
In the Nobel "Peace" Prize acceptance ceremony in which our infamous trio (Peres, Rabin and Arafat) participated, the tradition is that each recipient give his acceptance speech in his native language. Arafat gave his in Arabic. However, in spite fo this custom, our "Jewish/Zionist" representatives both gave theirs in English...thus indicating that not only do they not consider themselves Jews, they are embarrassed to be identified as Israelis. This explains the whole attitude of the ruling elite in Israel. Assimilationist. When is the so-called "Religious Zionist Camp" going to stop grovelling to these people and trying to get their approval? Just as the high point for a secular Israeli leader is to get some non-Jew to say a good word about Israel, the Religious Zionist ultimate spiritual experience is to get a secular Israeli to say something nice about RZ's.
We need more people like Dr Kedar, both on the internal and external scenes.