Saturday, November 29, 2008


1) This coming Wednesday, December 2, I will be delivering the first of two lectures on religious issues raised by the series Serugim. The lecture will take place at 12 Noon in the auditorium of the Nagel Building for Basic Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan (Building 507). The subject is: Hodaya and Shvut's Delimma: Doubt as a Religious Category. The Public is invited.

2) After a fifteen year wait (sic!), Yeshiva University Museum is finally publishing the catalogue of its exhibit on Piedmontese Jewry (which I had the pleasure of co-editing, together with Museum Curator Gabe Goldstein). This is the most significant contribution to Piedmontese Jewish studies since Renata Segre published her three volume collection of archival documents over two decades ago. The book includes gorgeous plates and illustrations and contains signal studies by leading scholars such as Yom Tov Assis and others. Since I spent a good ten years researching aspects of the history of that community for my doctorate, I take particular pride in the appearance of this volume.


Anonymous said...

I assume you mean Hodaya? regarding the other post, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, but I don't think we or anyone has a clue as to what happened there - yet. Aas it a Kashmiri conflict that wanted the publicity of killing westerners and getting some jews along the way or something else? Aside from the terrible cruelty which has become all too common place, what struck me most about this tragedy was an impressible lack of knowledge coming from the media.

Jeffrey said...

The dilemma is that of both Hodaya and Shvut and I've adjusted the title.

The news is reporting all day that Jews were singled out, ostensibly for maltreatment of the Palestinians (sic!). It really does not matter, since the Kashmiri conflict is just aniother jihadi flash-point. From a shari point of view, it's the same as Israel (or Spain, for that matter).

Anonymous said...

please make the lecture transcript available