Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why the IDF Won't Fight, or

How Aharon Barak, Dorit Beinish, Meni Mazuz and the Media fatally wounded the State of Israel.

Guy Bechor has it, tragically, right.


Ben Bayit said...

It seems to me that all of the time, effort and funds invested by the national religious community in establishing pre-army preparatory yeshivot would have been better spent setting up even only 10% of these as serious pre-law programs for yeshiva students intending to study law at Israeli law schools.

YMedad said...

Thanks for providing me with a P.S.

shlomo said...

Guy Bechor says that the Israeli public won't tolerate causalties. I think that is wrong: 2 years ago as well as today the public was willing but the Olmert government was unwilling. Just 6 years ago, under a different government, we were perfectly willing to send soldiers into the West Bank refugee camps, despite the high causalty levels in i.e. Jenin.

(Of course, then perhaps we SHOULD have attacked from the air to avoid endangering our soldiers... but the immorality of the current "human rights" mantra is a topic for another comment.)

Anonymous said...

uhm, shouldnt you write a humble apology?

Anonymous said...

The IDF is moving into Gaza now.