Sunday, February 01, 2009

Letter to ACRI

From: David Bedein []
To: Nirit Moskovich []

Subject: Will ACRI/NIF say anything about Arabs trying to blow up a kindergartern this morning?

This morning, Arabs from Gaza fired a missile in the Eshkol region near Gaza, barely missing a kindergarten.

Will ACRI, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, which raises its funds through the New Israel Fund, take out ad in HaAretz, - today, in real time, so that the media will pay attention - against Arabs who try to murder Jewish children in cold blood in order to achieve their purpose.

Will ACRI issue a statement this monring - today, in real time, so that the media will pay attention to the fact that Arabs in Gaza tried to murder children in a Jewish kindergarten this morning?

The context of this question: ACRI sought fit to take out an expensive full page ad in HaAretz on Jan 16 2009 in which ACRI ran 30 mourning ads for Arab children killed inadvertently by the IDF during the Gaza incursion.

ACRI fuels the flames of international anti-Israel hatred when it will not distinguish between Arab children, often armed, who are inadvertently killed when they are used as human shields and Jewish children whom Arabs try to kill and only express regret that they have missed their target.

David Bedein,MSWMiddle East Bureau, The Philadelphia Bulletin
Israel Resource News Agency
Center for Near East Policy Research Ltd.
Beit Agron International Press Center

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