Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sobering Thoughts, or Why Obama's Naivte Could Destroy Israel

In 1938, the entire West couldn't do enough to make friends with Adolf Hitler, in order to avoid war.
The direct result was World War II and the Holocaust.

In 2009, the entire West, 'led' by Barack Obama (and his post-modern, ostensibly Jewish minions), can't do enough to curry favor with the mullahs of Teheran, led by Hatami and Ahmedinajad. They spare no effort to force Israel to self-destruct by creating an irredentist, jihadist state and not attacking Iran's nuclear weapons.

Is there no one in power who sees that Obama and Co. are leading the world unspeakable disaster?

One journalist who does is Caroline Glick. Required Reading for Yom ha-Zikkaron.


Anonymous said...

Oh please. What fear-mongering stupidity.

Jeffrey Woolf said...

Hardly. Anyone who has ever studied millenial movements knows that millenialists are motivated by factors that are different than those perceived by others. Ahmedinijad is no different. I have no doubt that he will do literally anything to bring about the appearance of the twelfth imam. To maintain any other position is disrespectful of him (at best).

Obama and company, because of all types of considerations, refuse to take this seriously. I can guess why, but it is a fact.

As for 1939/2009, anyone ever read Santayana?