Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Obama...

One of my commenters has observed that my Obama postings have been a bit shrill. Being shrill is not my style, and I intend to monitor my tone. Nevertheless, the administration's actions have me very concerned. Their rhetoric cum actions connote a serious withdrawal from the commitment to Israel's existence that has been the hallmark of American Policy since Truman, pace Eisenhower/Kennedy/Johnson.

Consider the following:

1) Obama, implicitly, denied the right of Jews to a state in their ancestral homeland. Instead, he openly adopted the Palestinian/Muslim understanding that the Christian World foisted the Jews on the Arabs out of guilt for the Holocaust. In addition, his recent remarks on settlements being illegal is Arab spin. They have never been deemed as such in any Israel-Palestinian agreements.

2) The American Ambassador has commenced an on-going dialogue with irridentist elements within Israel. These elements, e.g. the Supreme Arab Commission, are leading the fight to denude Israel of its identity as a Jewish State, precisely because Jews are an alien element here and they are natives.

3) Hillary Clinton, speaking for her boss, still insists that building within established settlements (including those that everyone expects will remain Israeli) is the biggest obstacle to peace. The statement is unrealistic, mean and simply wrong. At the end of the day, the problem is that Arabs (and Muslims) cannot and will not make peace with a kafir state on waqf land.

It pains me that we can't seem to get this message across and must always wait for the Arabs to save us. The trouble is that Leftist true-believers rarely let facts interfere with their take on the world.


Ben Bayit said...

I think that your Obama posts are spot on. very accurate, indeed.

I hope that's not the reason you turned on comment moderation

Anonymous said...

congrats on your acceptance of criticism, hallmark of a civil society. i find this style of laying out the argument far more influential.
i take some issue with your first point, that obama said the jews only got israel because of the holocaust. first, that doesnt have to be the only reason, but it works if you do not want to touch religious conflict with a 3-meter pole. second, i think the holocaust can be a good and legitimate reason for a state.
keep up the posts!

Josh said...

Chazal tell us 'kashe lichos' not to never get angry.If Obama 's treatment of Israel does not get one upset then nothing will.