Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Major Ro'i Klein threw himself on a grenade during the Second Lebanon War. He saved his soldiers, but his wife and children became orphans. As a reward, the Supreme Court has decided to destroy his house and throw his family into the street. You see, Peace Now thinks this hero in Israel was a criminal because the government held up the final permits for his home (that was built by the Jewish Agency and Local Municipal Council).

Unbelievable, but too true.

UPDATE: Please sign this petition against this nefarious action.


Kalman said...

Stop with the emotional manipulation. On TV yesterday, Nadav Haetzni was honest enough to say that if indeed roi klein hy"d built his house illegally, than the rule of law should prevail. The claim against the demolition of the house that is that in the confusing legal and political status of the west bank (Yehuda v'shomron if you insist) it is hard to determine when construction is legal and when not.

Jeffrey Woolf said...

Yes, and considering everything (including the tolerance of massive Arab land theft of Jewish land), this is disgusting.

Furthermore, I have my right to righteous indignation.

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