Monday, October 19, 2009

Words of Wisdom for the MO Community in Israel (trying to be born)

from QED.


judy said...

With all due respect R. Aryeh Levin lived in Yerushalayim and not in Hatzor Haglilit or in Netivot. It's one thing to be friendly and supportive, it's another thing to live full time in such a community, being a minority and an ashkenazi one to boot. Not always comfortable. Lovely to have ahavas yisroel for yourself but once you put your children into the experiment you can end up getting results you didn't wish for.

aiwac said...

Many MO and Chardal Jews now live in such communities full time - they are called gar'inim toraniyim, and they are made up of both Ashkenazi and Sefardi Jews (WITH their children). Many have done great strides towards promoting ahavat yisra'el and religion and many more communities are BEGGING for more such groups.
If that's the case, imagine what whole communities could do.

You're going to throw that all away just because it's "not always comfortable" for you and your children? Do you seriously think hiding them from the world for twenty-something years will be any more effective?!