Thursday, December 17, 2009

On Insubordination, the Freeze and Ehud Barak

There is really no limit to the cynicism, the megalomaniacal arrogance, of Ehud Barak. He led the Labor Party to disaster in the last elections. His position as party leader is under constant (justified, IMHO) criticism for incompetence. He was roundly censured by the State Comptroller for spending tens of thousands of dollars for luxury expenses on a trip to Paris. He was recently condemned for employing an illegal foreign worker.
How does Barak fight back? By smashing the Settlers and the Religious Zionist community.
First, he ran roughshod over the government's decision to suspend only new housing starts in Judea and Samaria. Instead, he revoked the right of local councils to issue ANY building permits. He did so to show how tough a Leftist he is, reining in those brutal settlers (present company included). [See Menahem Benn's comments.]

Next, he went looking for a Hesder Yeshivah to beat up on. He found one, Har Berakhah. The Rosh Yeshivah there is a member of the Hardali Right, who has supported army insubordination in the face of orders to evacuate settlements. However, he's a very small fish. The whole yeshivah has thirty or so students. Barak, however, decided to make this a cause celebre, in order to win points with the Leftists. According to today's papers, he's running headlong in to the total disbanding of the Hesder Yeshivot, which supply a high degree of the officer corps, have soldiers who've been decorated for bravery above and beyond their percentage in the population, and whose motivation and devotion to duty far outstrips anything the Labor Party supporters can muster. (After all, a very large percentage of the leaders of the Israeli Left, left [the country, that is]).

Now, I absolutely oppose refusal to obey orders that are not idefensibly illegal or immoral. However, Barak's nefarious, cynical attacks on the religious zionist community will only hurt the army, and the country. OTOH, what does Barak care, as long as he gets to be Defense Minister?


Tzvi said...

While the yeshiva is not a large one, it has 20-30 students in a machzor. The yeshiva as a whole is much larger, with several machzorim being in the yeshiva at any one time, kollel and a program called shiluvim etc. For the most part, the days of the gigantic yeshivot Hesder are over, many if not most of the yeshivot Hesder are this size or smaller. Not to say that it is a big fish, but to correct a minor inaccuracy.

אהרון קורזן said...

Barak is member of the government headed by Bibi Netanyahu the head of the Likud,your paty.All members of the government are responsible for the decisions of the minister of Defense and certainly the Prime Minister is responsible.