Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hoshana Rabba: Saving the Torah

Last night, I presented an hour long shiur on Modern Orthodoxy in Israel, at Ma'aleh's Tikkun Leyl Hoshana Rabba. I am proud to say that the room was packed, such that they ended up locking the doors. For those who were unable to attend, the recording and sources are here.

אתמול בלילה, העברתי שיעור במסגרת תיקון ליל הושענא רבה שמקיימת עמותת מעלה. לאלה שלא הגיעו, או שלא יכלו ליכנס מחוסר מקום, ההקלטה והמקורות נמצאים כאן.

יה"ר שיתקבלו תפילותינו ושאיפותינו לרצון ע"י אבינו שבשמים.

פתקא טבא. א גוט קוויטל.


Barry Gelman said...

I do not think the recording is posted properly. Please check and make sure as I am sure there are many folks who would love to hear it.

ysh said...

unfortunately I can't download the MP3 from google docs because of bandwidth limitation -- I guess so many people have downloaded it already! Can't wait to finally listen; will try again after Yom Tov.