Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tehillim for RivkA bat Tirtzel

Please say Tehillim for one of the most remarkable and courageous women I have ever encountered: Rivka Matitiah (רבקה בת תירצעל).

Her friends added this to her blogpage:

As most of you know, RivkA has been hospitalized.

I would like to start an open-ended mishmeret tehillim for her. Participants would each take a chapter or chapters of tehillim to be said every day for up to 40 days. The mishmeret will start tomorrow (to give people time to sign up). Please forward this email!

Participants say 'bli neder I will say these tehillim every day as a zechut for a refua shleima for "RivkA bat Tirzel" and say their tehillim, the same chapters, every day.

It's recommended that you have a buddy, in case you cannot say your chapters or in case you forget.

Every day I will, bli neder, say the traditional prayer before reciting tehillim in the morning, and the prayer up on completion every night.

If, be'H, we can keep going after 40 days, we'll create a new page.

Please click this link and choose your tehillim.

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Alli said...

Dear Jeffrey;
I read your comment on Rivka's page. I met Rivka through blogging some many months ago. I also have Breast Cancer, one never knows what their situation is with this disease. Rivka exuded nothing but positive energy. Even when reading her blog you knew her condition was very serious still she had this magnetism that she could reassure you and I am positive all the while with a smile on her face.
I am not Jewish but I pray for her daily. . Love has no boundaries when someone so inspiring touches so many people from different parts of the globe.. Rivka allowed us to peer into her life. For that, those of us who still are battling Breast Cancer she has given us strength and a sense of empowerment....
Thank you for reading this comment...Alicia (Canada)