Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ammunition Hill

Yesterday, I paid an unplanned visit to Ammunition Hill. My daughter, Chana, is working there as a guide and instructor as part of her Sherut Leumi. Incredibly, I had never been before. It is a place so powerful, so sacred and so hard to describe that I had to do it in Hebrew, here.

The bottom line is, everyone MUST place it at the top of one's visits to Jerusalem (after the Kotel/Har HaBayit). Before the world and the Leftists start 'explaining' why we need to give up Jerusalem, we need to remind ourselves why we owe it to the 37 who fell at Ammunition Hill, to ourselvers and our posterity, never to even think of such a possibility.

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Mycroft said...

I saw Ammunition Hill first in 1972 and saw it again in January. I thought it was more moving when there was less hi-tech in 1972.