Sunday, September 25, 2005

Genevat Da'at

One of the more uplifting aspects of life in the Jewish or Israeli Blogosphere is the degree of mutual respect and consideration that seems to characterize the various bloggers. Thus, though many of us are divided by serious differences of opinion, I (at least) have not encountered much flaming or ad hominem invective. Bloggers, in addition, are gracious in giving credit to their sources even when information provided by one blogger could have been discovered by others. Nevertheless, the 'hat tip' is the norm, and our blogger culture is much the better for it.

I say this because I have recently discovered that while bloggers are courteous and gracious, some lurkers are not. For example, I have found things that I have written here were lifted and used by others, without attribution. Personally, as someone for whom words and ideas are sacred, I find such behaviour contemnable. The beauty of blogging is the free exchange of ideas. Exchange is the operative word here, since in exchange for ideas one expects to bear the credit and the criticism, the responsibility and the reward for insights that are one's own. This is certainly true of blogs, where one often shares one's deepest held beliefs with the world. I know that I make every effort to cite my sources, published and unpublished, both in print and in blog. (Unless the source has asked not to be cited).

So, I abjure these irresponsible lurkers. Don't forget 'He who cites things in the name of the one who said them, brings blessing/redemption to the world.'

The opposite is also true.

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Ze'ev said...

Amen to that.