Sunday, October 02, 2005

On Parents and Teachers: Between Blame and Responsibility

In the midst of the crisis of leadership in which the Religious Zionist Community finds itself, comes Professor Shalom Rosenberg (one of our most original, shining lights) and offers a penetrating comment on the responsibility and the culpability of parents and teachers.

Hopefully, the upcoming Edah/Kenes Lavie Conference will start the ball rolling on creating alternative forms of Religious Leadership, modalities and vision in Israel and the Diaspora.


Anonymous said...

what will you be talking about at the conference?

Jeffrey said...

I"m giving a shi'ur and a talk about Israel after the Disengagement. As of yesterday, I"m also chairing a session on Messianism in Contemporary Judaism.Judging from the session as it was described to me, I am going to make a short introductory presentation (my initiative) to balance the discussion.

Anonymous said...

where is the article by Prof. Rosenberg? The link doesn't seem to go directly to the article.