Friday, October 07, 2005

Yet Another Loser

Intellectuals (pseudo and not), can be the most vicious, idiotic, and arrogant creatures on earth. Paul Johnson documented that fact. George Orwell is reputed to have said that 'some ideas so silly that only an intellectual could believe them.'

Among ourselves we are 'blessed' with an unending flow of such self-important, self-centered individuals. You know, the type that doesn't argue its point from data. It just calls you names for being too stupid to see the light.

Today's winner of the George Orwell Intellectual Spite Award (and the competition was rough) goes to
Yoel Marcus. (Did it ever strike you that so many objects of Orwell's barbs work at Das Land ?)


Freelance Kiruv Maniac said...

I'm getting the word out that a talmid of Rav Meiselman has written an
>extensive and detailed negative critique of Rabbi Slifkin's banned books to
>justify the attacks Rav Meiselman made in his lectures.
>The critiques are found on the following blog:

Ben said...

I think Das Land is a better translation.

BTW, where do you sign up for the verification thingy?

Jeffrey said...

OK. I"ll change it.

The verification thing is on the Comment tab of your settings panel.

Anonymous said...

Many of Paul Johnson's critiques of Intellectuals can apply to aspect of the lives of many aharonim. We should be careful for it not to boomerrang back.
The same critique can be used for the life style and social ideas of the Vilna Gaon, Chofetz Chaim, Rav Nahman, the Kotzker, Rav Hutner, and Rav Soloveitchik. ANd these are known cases of known figures, if we set out to write a book of disfunctional aharonim and include minor figures we would be truely in trouble.

Jewish Exile said...

at the same time, rabbinic types are ideally "of the people" and very hands on. They see live, actual cases to rule on, they live among the people their psaks affect, and ideally they practice a trade as well. These can act as bulwarks against a warped worldview.

Anonymous said...

i wish jeffrey would explain why, exactly, yoel marcus' remarks are imbecilic. i do not think that they are not without merit.

ym pomposity is no greater or less than that of many of whom he speaks. and it rivals that of moshe kaveh (see recent haaretz interview).