Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Posting in Time...

Just as I finished the previous posting, I received this article by Daniel Pipes. It speaks for itself. What interests me is the reference he makes to a very incisive observation by Dr. Yoram Hazony, the founder of the Shalem Center. As Pipes cites his book, The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel's Soul:
Since 1993, Israelis have shown themselves, in the words of the philosopher Yoram Hazony, to be "an exhausted people, confused and without direction," willing and even eager to be duped by their enemies. All they need are some overtures, however unconvincing, that they will be freed from war, and they barely can restrain themselves from making concessions to mortal enemies.
That, Dave, is why people are flocking to Kadima. Caveat Emptor, Viri Kadimae.


settler@zion.org said...

Funny that you mention Hazony's quote. Aside from the Likud, the Shalem Center (and probably Hazony himself) is a good example of an institution that has undergone the process that he describes. All they now seek these days is approval of the "left" and the "elites". Nothing else.

That's not to devalue the quality of his thesis in the book. That stands on its own - independent of any later direction the author and/or institution behind it may have taken.

Ze'ev said...

MOD, you hit it right on the head.

Check out this quote from our newest MK, Pnina Rosenblum:

"There is no other way - just peace without terror," she said. "I feel that every one of us, in one way or another, must contribute to serving the State of Israel."

Army Radio on Wednesday quoted Rosenblum as saying that she would join a party in which her chances of being reelected were the highest. There have been rumors recently that Rosenblum intends to join Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's party Kadima.