Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rabbis in Blue

The latest scandal to involve the Chief Rabbinate (and rabbis in general) broke in yesteday's Haaretz (of course). Just when you think things couldn't look worse, just when we need to rehabilitate the beating that Judaism's image has taken (both self imposed and otherwise), this happens.

I'm not going to waste time agonizing, whoever did this deserves to be defrocked. Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, the Army Chief Rabbi, deserves a medal for integrity.

However, I have one thought that I posted here.


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Anonymous said...

when haaretz mentions mordechai eliyahu, bakshi-doron, and other very-high-ups, are they really invovled in the process, or are they titular heads?

if they are only figureheads meant to lend prestige to an institution which *should* be honorable, then it is something of a smear campaign (chiddush?!)

in any case, i do not expect an apology, retraction, or excoriation from these rabbis, as experience has sadly shown...