Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back at the Keyboard

Having not blogged since the start of my trip to the US, it’s hard to know where to start. So much has happened. There is so very much to say. A few telegraphic points:

Today, Kadima
announced that it plans to destroy Teqoa (an island of religious-secular harmony), Noqdim (where my son’s friend built his own home with his own two hands), Elon Moreh, Beit Yatir, Maon, and Otniel (which has the most breathtaking Bet Midrash in the South Hevron Hills). Mara de-Alma Kula! People from Gush Qatif are still wallowing in tents and caravans. Thirty Qassam rockets have rained down on Israel, and are closing in on the Ashkelon Power Plant. All Olmert can think of is more retreats. [Nota Bene: The Qassam report is from Arutz Sheva because the ‘mainstream’ media tend to ignore (or downplay) the unceasing rocket fire.]

Linor Abergil was Miss Israel. Now she’s engaged to a Christian Basketball player, who used to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv. How is the news being met in Israel? Well, obscurantist, primitive religious Jews think it’s terrible. Even progressive, religious Jews think it’s terrible. Fear not, though. The Press and the commentators on-line are ready to defend her. Amor Vincit Omnia.

OTOH, neither the story, nor the predictable cries of Jewish racism, are really surprising. I remember that my uncle once ordered me to convince my cousin not to marry a non-Jewish girl. I told him that I had nothing to tell him. He was absolutely outraged and incredulous. 'But you're a rabbi!' he exclaimed. I told him that was true, but that given the fact that my cousin had been raised with absolutely no Jewish education or involvement, there was no credible argument that I could make to ensure that he would marry a Jewish girl. Quod erat demonstrandum. [The same point is made in this article.]

Finally, in the Salman Rushdie category, we respectfully present
Wafa Sultan’s brave, but futile, performance on Al-Jazeera.

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Tzvi said...

Hey, can't you translate the Latin for those of us who aren't so fluent in the language?