Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Noah Feldman: Second Take (Tisha B'Av 7:40 PM)

In an interview posted today, Noah Feldman confirms the points I made in yesterday's posting. He is a true believer. He cannot understand how faith commitments can be absolute, and lead one to categorically reject the alternatives. From his Olympian perch, full of his own sophistication, he sits in judgment on his former faith community (and others), evaluating them in terms of his dogmatic system, without having the decency to respect how each religion grows in line with its own postulates. What you have here is a type of intellectual narcissisim, fed by a truly impressive academic CV. Narcissism it remains. Nothing more. Engaging him in dialogue, responding to him publically or privately, is, by definition, to engage in a dialogue des sourdes.

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