Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That, My Friends, is a Successful Aliyah (1)

In about three weeks, we'll be marking the fourteenth anniversary of our Aliyah (August 18/19, 1993). That anniversary always prompts me to consider what, exactly, constitutes a successful Aliyah. Obviously, such a determination is somewhat subjective and there are many different variables that need to be considered. However, some cases are so self-evident, they demand immediate consent.

One such example is provided by Ms. Lisa N. Goldman, journalist and blogger extraordinaire. Lisa's Aliyah has been followed by thousands (at least) through her autobiographical narrative, 'How Lisa Came to Israel.' Her blog, On the Face, is one of the best-known in the relevant sectors of the blogosphere. Indeed, she's a blogging pioneer in more ways than one.

That, however, is not the point. Lisa worked over-time to find her place here. Through talent, grit and alot of very hard work she succeeded at carving out a place in the generally closed shop that is Israeli journalism. Recently, she appeared on Channel 10's London et Kirschenbaum, describing her trip to Beirut (sic!). It was incredible (and wonderful) to see the collegial respect accorded her by Yaron London (who I know somewhat, and can be difficult) his sidekick. A part of that respect, no doubt, was also due to Lisa's flawless Hebrew. (The lack of which is one of the biggest drawbacks among Anglo Olim.)

Now, let me just add a few notes. I've never met Lisa (though we did have a few e-mail exchanges). I know that we disagree on most things political (and, I assume, more than a few things religio-cultural). All of that, however, is quite beside the point. She is here, in Israel, successfully. She is living proof that one can make it here, even without Nefesh b'Nefesh.

So, on the eve of my Aliyah anniversary, kudos to Lisa. תרבינה כמותה בישראל.


Anonymous said...

Please explain why you view your aliyah as successful when in the next 30 year the haredim are going to be a majority of Jews in Israel. This is the Israel your children will live in. The Zionist state will be no more. Are your children going to want to live in such a state?

Jeffrey said...

First, living in Eretz Yisrael is a mitzvah and a privilege. Second, while the overwhelming majority of Jews here are, and will be, traditional, religious or Haredim, that is not abad thing. Third, even the Haredim are in the throes of far-reaching Israelization, which their leaders are unable to stop.
If aZionist State is the one represented by Aharon Barak and Amos Schocken, I'm not interested, in any event. If it's represented by Shalom Rosenberg, Amnon Lord, and Rav Hayyim Sabato...I'm in.