Monday, December 17, 2007

More Required Reading...

Better, essential reading:

Arthur Herman, 'Who Owns the Vietnam War?' (and its implications for today).

Yoram Ettinger on the demise of the demographic threat to Israel.

Rabbi Dr. Tuvia Peri on the 'dangers' of the Internet, and the pressing need for religious educators and rabbis to acknowledge human sexuality.

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Anonymous said...

If I understood the Tuvia Peri article correctly, he is making the same point I've heard many others make, namely, that rather than fighting against the internet rabbis and educators should be guiding and instructing people - both young and adult alike - how to properly deal with the challenges, particularly as regards pornography and human sexuality generally.

I agree 100%, but while I've seen this argument raised in many different forums, I have never seen anyone give any hint as to how this is to be done as a practical matter. Psychologically and halakhically, what should one advise an adolescent who sincerely wants to be shomer halacha but finds himself unable to avoid porography and masturbation? Dr. Peri speaks only in very general terms about teaching kids about proper sexuality, but the lack of any specific information in this article and in the dozens others like this makes me skeptical as to whether there really is any effective way to deal with the matter. If so, then maybe avoiding the internet altogether really is the only solution?

But I certainly agree with his other points, especially that this problem needs to be put into perspective and not be overly exaggerated.