Thursday, January 31, 2008

After the Winograd Report

I have to admit that yesterday I was actually hopeful. I was actually hopeful that the much anticipated Winograd Report would bring an end to the ugly farce of the Olmert/Livni/Kadima government. I could taste the disappearance from power of the combination of the visionless, venal, selfish, incompetent, and thugs who sit around the ministerial table.

I was wrong.

They will remain, so long as Olmert offers to compromise Israel's future, its Jewish integrity, and its security. As long as that continues, he'll stay out of jail. Once he stops dancing to the tune dictated by the secular-assimilationist-defeatist elites, he'll be finished (much as it took no more than four hours after he resigned ffrom the government for Avigdor Lieberman's daughter to be summoned to the police, in a case aimed at neutralizing her father).

So much for hope.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back to blogging Dr. Woolf!

Harry said...

I find your sentiments here not uncommon among the RZ set, so they are not surprising. But coming from you they are disappointing, lacking nuance and a degree of honesty.
In a way, the Winograd Report (at least this installment) was encouraging. The PM did not totally bungle the war, or at least it was not his fault. So whatever preconceived notions you may have held about his management of the war were incorrect (again, just looking at this segment of the WR, not the one from several months ago).
Hoping that this WR would hold the PM guilty for all sorts of incompetence in the waging of Lebanon II so that the WR could be used as a tool to rid the country of a venal, craven self-interested politico -- and, yes, a number of thugs along with him -- is unbecoming. Let the man stand or fall on the merits of the WR, and it should not be used for other ends. (Though I can relate to your sentiments...)

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts about the whole winograd report. it's birth was in "sin" in that an official commission was not installed, so that no indictments should be made. Winograd did not interview significant witnesses, such as ambassador gillermanm, israel's amabbassador to the UN, who had reported that the un resolution had already been formulated and sent to israel and so that the entry of ground troups made no difference in this area. this has been proved in a book or two. in fact no witnesses were called from abroad.
another harry said the buck stops here, but this pm will pass it on and it never stops by him.
shabbat shalom