Thursday, January 17, 2008

Truly a Phenomenon: Michtavim on Professor Soloveitchik

In a relatively short period of time, "Rabbi Dr." Menachem Butler has established himself as an important presence in the world of Jewish Studies and, just as importantly, in the interface between Jewish Studies and Yiddishkeit. Over all, he has served to share knowledge and material, and to galvanize (and sometimes nudge) others to do the same on AJHistory (a"h) or the Seforim Blog.

In his most recent posting, he provides us with a tantalizing preview of an article on the structure and character of the Mishneh Torah by, מורי ורבי Professor Haym Soloveitchik נר"ו, for which many of us have long waited (though, many of us have heard parts of the presentation in lecture form). In addition, before he has opened the discussion of its salient points, in a thoughtful, respectful manner (mixed with a youthful enthusiasm which we should all envy).

Thank you, Menachem.

[N.B. I have adopted the habit of using נר"ו [=נטריה רחמנא ופרקיה ] instead of the more ubiquitous שליט"א because that is how גדולי תורה wrote in the age of Maharik (1420-1480).]


Anonymous said...

Wow. If his head wasn't swelled before (and brother, was it ever), it sure is now.

Menachem Butler said...

Sorry, I don't really take offense from those comments flung by anonymous commenters ;-)

Menachem Butler said...

or, were you not referring to me??

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Menachem. You actually know me, and I know lots of other people who know you feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

"An important presence in the world of Jewish Studies"? He's a nice enough guy, but just another 5th floor hocker, if you ask me. An "important presence" would probably be more present in his room, writing things. An up-and-coming bibliographer, maybe.