Tuesday, April 01, 2008

If Only It Weren't April 1st: Olmert Sells Out Israel

Today's paper reports that Olmert is running a fire sale on the 20% of the British Mandate that we call home. The major elements add up to total capitulation on the Red Lines that even Ehud Barak wouldn't cross: Return to the '67 borders; Division of Jerusalem (with the Old City up for grabs); Minor Land Exchanges for the so-called 'Settlement Blocks' and some sort of arrangement for the Right of Return.

Why is he doing this, when he has no mandate?

Simple. As Gilad Katz points out, he wants to stay out of jail and (mirabile dictu) to stay in power. The only thing that will save him is a 'Peace Agreement.' It's the only used car (no motor and no GPS) that he can still sell to the Israeli public. Surrounded by syncophants and imbeciles, he is merrily plowing away at his project. We, on the other hand, are helpless before the deadly combination of Governmental Power, The Eighteen Leftist Families that own the country and the media that toady up to the former two and control information.

Today is April First.

If only this were some kind of awful joke.

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Moshe said...

To echo the sentiments of your last post:

So, upon whom may we rely? Only upon our Heavenly Father.