Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tradition On Line: An Amazing Resource

[Anyone in academia is aware of incredible resources like JSTOR, where back volume of important journals can be accessed at a click of the mouse. Unfortunately, Jewish studies journals lag far behind in that department (and in the case of my home university, even what lttle there is is often not made available for lack of a budget).

Thus, the recent arrival on line of the entire archive of the RCA's flagship journal Tradition is a real יומא טבא לרבנן. Though I usually don't advertise on this blog, out of professional and personal loyalty, I am happy to post the official announcement of an invaluable new resource.]

Tradition Archive Goes Online Making 50 years of Tradition Articles Available to the Public

The Rabbinical Council of America has today announced that the entire archive of all the articles ever published in its flagship quarterly journal Tradition, has now been placed online. The archive appears as the highly respected journal completes its fiftieth year of publication.

Tradition, and the archives, can be seen online at The journal is currently edited by Rabbi Shalom Carmy, while the online editor is Rabbi Shlomo Brody.

Almost 1500 past and current noteworthy articles and reviews that have appeared in Tradition over the years can now be seen, downloaded and printed out. Current Tradition subscribers can avail themselves of the full archives at no cost, while non-subscribers can download individual articles for a nominal $2.00 each. An annual subscription is $35.00, while on-line only subscriptions are $25. Both allow full access to the online edition and the archives. Special non-U.S. and student rates are available. Other than via the website, it is possible to subscribe by calling or emailing the RCA at 212 807 9000, or

The archives can be searched via a Google search engine at, (or for that matter from anywhere on the Internet, but the onsite search engine can focus the search to Tradition itself,) and they can also be viewed and organized by title, author, date or issue, to facilitate the desired search result.

"Thanks to the marvels of cutting edge technology, this treasure trove of Jewish wisdom, insight, and research can now be instantly shared with an ever-more knowledgeable and sophisticated reading public," said Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, president of the 1000 member RCA.

In addition, all the articles published originally in Tradition by the late Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik are available in the archives to the public, whether subscribers or non-subscribers, at no cost whatsoever.

For further information contact:
Rabbi Basil Herring
Executive Vice President
The Rabbinical Council of America
212 807 9000 (o)
646 808 4614 (c)

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Anonymous said...

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Next time someone comes crying to you for Hachnasat Kalla money know that he didn’t lift a finger to prevent this – and may even have helped prevent Hachnasat Kalla in its purest form; a wedding.

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Remember: if they don’t get a nice cut then Hachnasat Kalla doesn't count for anything.