Friday, January 09, 2009

More Rogues Gallery: Judisches Selbsthass at its 'Best'

The late chief rabbi of Petah Tikva, R. Reuven Katz זצ"ל, once noted that Jews have the capacity to soar to the heights of spirituality and nobility. They also have the capacity to plummet to depths of moral corruption of which others are rarely capable. As the stories of national solidarity and Hesed continue to accumulate, so do examples of suicidal self-hatred, lunatic support of a vicious enemy and acts of national treachery.

Three of these are typical of the trend, which should be excoriated by every Jew who has the least amount of personal and national pride.

1) Shammai Leibowitz, grandson of Prof. Isaiah Leibowitz, is actively campaigning for soldiers to both refuse to serve in the war against Hamas and to actively sabotage the military effort. That's known as aiding and abetting the enemy in war time.

Leibowitz, who once compared convicted terrorist and murderer Marwan Barghouti to Moses, is the darling of the Left, as his problematic grandfather once was (though he's nowhere near as smart). He is their religious fig leaf. If it weren't so dangerous, he'd be pathetic.

2) Roni Schocken, son of Amos Schocken (owner of Al-Fajar..oops, Haaretz), attended the anti-war rally Saturday Night wearing a kaffiyeh as an act of solidarity with the Muslims. I don't expect more from the scion of a post-Zionist family that is devoted to the (self)destruction of the State of Israel. However, will it surprise anyone that he's soon to start clerking for our Supreme Court?

3) Eight Jews stormed the Israeli Consulate in Toronto in order to protest Israel's 'atrocities.' Needless to say, they have never heard of Sederot. In addition, New York area synagogues are preparing for the disruption of services this Shabbat by anti-war protesters.

As I've often said, the charge that Jews are smart is largely an anti-semitic canard.


Anonymous said...

please write about this

they now voided Emil Fackenheim's son's conversion

Anonymous said...

And on the other hand, don't forget about your friends among the nations.