Monday, January 12, 2009

The True Face of Hamas (An Arab Account)

For the useful idiots who defend Hamas and condemn Israel's was against them, consider this video, filmed by Palestinians and narrated by an Arab. [Hat tip: Aviad Stollman]

Background is provided by the IDF:

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Phil Sumpter said...

I appreciate the fist video, so thanks for posting it. I have slight issues with the second, as it seems to be slightly one sided (not wanting to defend Hamas at all, only saying that Israel isn't so innocent). Be that as it may, I posted a number of videos on my blog to do with this issue, 50/50 pro-Palestinian/pro-Israel. In particular, I find the one third from top, which is "anti-Israel" (if you can call it that, I would call it pro-justice). If you have the time or inclination, I'd appreciate any feedback or tips on where I can go to get information on Israeli-Gaza relations before the war.