Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Sara Blau (again) raises the issue of Dati-Lite and the impact of the Rabin Assasination. My thoughts on the issue are here.

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Anonymous said...

(i posted this to the hebrew site as well.)

yep, if i understand you correctly.

dat in israel is extremely polarized and is often culturally all-inclusive. this is a big problem for me personally and (one reason) why i have not made permanent aliya. with all its problems, i find it easier to be the kind of jew i want to be in america.

the kind of philosophically modern orthodox (not the behaviorally m.o., which i believe blau is talking about) the absence of which you regularly lament, is a yekar hametzius here. it is growing out of fashion in the u.s. too, but it is still around.

it makes me wonder if perhaps the isolationists are right: it is too difficult societally to be both open and adoptive of modernity without compromising halakha etc.