Wednesday, November 02, 2005

For the Foliage

After two days of intensive discussion of the Protocols, I had a day off in Boston. It was the first one in a long time. Though I've visited at least once a year since making Aliuyah, these trips were very quick affairs, centered upon a visit to Kever Avot and whatever lecture had prompted me to come. This time I really had time to look around and smell the roses (i.e. feel the delicious Fall air and see the foliage).

The entire day was an exercise in nostalgia. For the first time in years, I really felt (or let myself feel) just how much I missed Boston. I miss the people, the sights, the sounds, Faneuil Hall, The Common, Rubin's Deli and the quiet. I also miss reall, wide-ranging intellectual and cultural exchange. Boston still has people with whom you can start with Festinger, move on to P{atrick Geary and end up with Reb Hayyim. Furthermore, you can meet (without too many psychological barriers) non-religious Jews and non-Jews. You can assume that people might speak and read in more than one language. Ahhhh.....

Now, I am very well aware of the drawbacks of American Life and the curse of PC Liberal culture. It was nic e to see something broader, for a change. I think this trip also confirmed that klitah is long behind me. I feel no defensiveness about loving whence I came, and it doesn't detract from my love of where I've come.


Academic Frummie said...

ah, boston.

actually, i find that there are many, many, people in israel who can at least get by on 2 or even three languages: hebrew, english, yiddish/arabic, sometimes french or german.

and i would think that especially at bar-ilan there are any number of people who can go from geary to reb chayim...and how many can there be already? its pretty rare for someone to be able to do that.

the ease of psych barriers with non orthodox is far lower outside of israel, probably because of the 'circle the wagons' of jews outside of israel. [it exists in israel too, but only during wartime...]

what can you say, with all its problems, ain kemo bayit.

welcome back.

Dave said...

What restaraunts did you enjoy?

Jeffrey said...

Hunan China, Rubin's (of course), Cafe Eilat (How come there's no real Coffee House?) and the incredibly elegant catering they had at the conference.

Tzemach Atlas said...

are you here through sunday. I would like to say shalom!