Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enough Whining

The comment I received to my posting about 'Dati-Lite' hit home. It's time to create facts on the ground to create another model of responsible, open Orthodoxy in this country. Others are thinking in the same direction. I am sure that there are still more out there.

I was thinking that an informal e-mail exchange (or physical meeting) of interested parties might be in order. You can start by dropping me a line at:


Academic Frummie said...

sign me up!

Zalman said...

unrelated and related (to Sarah Blau's piece), in today's Haaretz (English), Esther Zandberg reviews a museum exhibition of conceptual designs for synagogues that give women and men equal space.

Zandberg manages to get this in:
"In recent years, and especially in the wake of the disengagement from Gaza, synagogues are associated in the consciousness of many people - albeit the majority of whom are secular - with religious and national extremism."