Friday, January 13, 2006

Likud Post-Mortem

Ben Chorin, our local member of the Likud Central Committee, has a good update on last night's results.

Overall, I agree with his evaluation that it was a good night for the Likud (of which I am a member). Most of those elected are honest, bright, devoted and not radicals (though, that won't prevent the Press from tarring them as undistinguished fanatics). I was especially pleased to see that Miki Eitan (a superb parlementarian), Yuval Steinitz, Natan Scharansky and Yuli Edelstein were placed high on the list. Now Bibi has to do his job. Despite what the pundits say, he has a very good shot at forming the next government. See the ( a bit eery ) prophecy by Yoav Yitzhak (a first rate investigative reporter), published before the Prime Minister's massive stroke.

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