Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Hevron

Ben Chorin has provided a terse, accurate description of the latest events, allowing one to get past media manipulation. Required Reading.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link!

question for which perhaps you can provide a clear answer: what, exactly, is mamlachtiyut?

and are there really so many of these wild-peyosed youth looking for trouble?

people have been 'promising' an explosion for decades. nu?
from what i know about jewish history, i have learned one thing: you cant predict it!

some of the link's logic seems to lend credibility to the hareidi system of thought...they always rejected zionism since they saw it becoming a replacement for religion, and this was intolerable.
among the disenfranchised dati-leumi youth, zionism has proven a 'false god,' and so their center is not holding.

myobiter, it is time for your modern orthodox organization!

Jeffrey said...

I'm working on it.