Friday, February 03, 2006

I am Ashamed

For ten years, I proudly wore the uniform of Israel's police, as a uniformed volunteer and unit commander in the Civil Guard (משמר אזרחי). I cherished my service to my country and I was grateful for the companionship of my fellow officers on many levels. The Police helped facilitate and seal my absorption here.

That is why I am ashamed. The videos of the vicious beatings meted out by the Yasam to passive protesters in Amona are sickening. Is this what we've come to? Grayshirted, helmeted goons beating the daylight out of kids, with truncheons- while the Press and the Cafe types cheer? Who the hell does Ehud Olmert think he is? He tells the cops to keep their hands in their pockets when Arabs riot, but he sends in the horses to attack Jews.

I guess there is small comfort in the fact that it was the Yasam, who everyone knows are sub-intelligent thugs, and not the blue police who did this devil's work. Very small comfort. (Hat tip: An Out of Step Jew)


Gimli said...

Another thing that may comfort you- we've discovered the true identity of Ehud Olmert. A neighbor of mine pointed out that:

Ehud Olmert= hoo Voldemort (all this in Ivrit of course).

Zalman said...

Why don't you and your fellow yasamnikim put together a petition expressing your shame and calling for an independent investigation?

It might be able to get some press attention and keep this shanda in the public eye.

Jeffrey said...

I think your idea has merit. You're reading comprehension, though, leaves much to be desired. I served first in the Tourist Police and then in Matmid/Shai. I was never in Yasam (and wouldn't have been, even if it had been a possibility).

Zalman said...

OK, you are right about my reading comprehension. But no offense intended.

I know two volunteers in the Yasam in Jerusalem. I am sure that their volunteer unit would not be described as thugs. In any event, I am sure they share your concerns about the violence in Amona and would join in a petition.