Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Really Happened at Amona (From Ben Chorin)

As usual, Ben Chorin tells the straight story:

Here is what really happened in Amona today.Of all the tens of thousands of structures built in Israel without all required permits (the vast majority by Arabs in Jerusalem and the Negev), the state decided that nine houses on a hill adjacent to Ofra had to be destroyed -- now. These houses have been there for years. The Yesha Council agreed to move the houses within one week to a different location. Olmert rejected the offer because he wanted a confrontation before elections.

Every one of the Kadimah lackeys dutifully recited the Talking Points: rule of law, law-breaking settlers, bla bla bla. In short, Olmert thought some settler blood would help his campaign. And blood there was. It happens that I was well represented at the event. One recipient of my DNA (ROMD1) was camped out at one of the approach points at 2:30 AM. He heard the police commander instructing his troops: "club them on the head, go straight for the head".
In the morning, the kids took up positions in Amona. Some stood on the sidelines shouting.
Some were in the houses, some up on the roofs of the houses.

The cops on horseback charged the people standing on the side without provocation. As they did so, they whacked at people with their batons. Dozens sustained head injuries as a result and needed to be hospitalized. MK Effie Eitam was knocked unconscious and MK Aryeh Eldad sustained a broken hand. After this the kids began throwing rocks at the cops.
ROMD2 was in the first house from which the protesters were evicted. The police and Border Patrol (MaGaV) came in with batons swinging. People were flung out of windows. ROMD2 was lucky and got whacked only in his legs. He is a volunteer in MDA and bandaged up a kid whose head was split open. Another kid, Yechiam Eyal, had his skull fractured and is now in Hadassah unconscious and on a respirator.

ROMD1 was on the roof of a different house. Despite reports to the contrary, the kids on the roof (at least the ones on his roof) didn't throw rocks at the cops and soldiers. They threw bulbs filled with paint in the direction of the windshield of the D9, the giant bulldozer used to crush houses. Yasamnikim (again anti-semitic Russian goyim, with a few Druze thrown in for variety) fired paint at them and they protected themselves with a door. The Yasamnikim were lifted up to the roof in the shovel of the D9 and proceeded to trample the kids under the door while beating any exposed limbs. ROMD1 was forcibly removed from the roof, together with his buddies, in the shovel of the D9.

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