Saturday, December 09, 2006

Munich 2006

All of the usual cliches have been used up. I find that I can do nothing more than look on in dumbfounded silence at the (Mushroom) Cloud hanging over us. The responses were best
put by Caroline Glick, Ben Dror Yemini and Joseph Farrah.

Most Jews have abandoned us. (They've either assimilated or been fed too much media/rad-lib drivel.)

Our own government has abandoned us.

America has abandoned us. (Richard Gates ruled out military action on our behalf, s.v. the Baker Report.)

The World certainly won't do anything on behalf of 6 million Jews.

For those hitherto unaware of thi reality of Jewish history: We have no one upon whom to rely except our Father in Heaven, Who will show us how to deal.


Pintele Yid said...

Let's not forgot other "smaller" crises facing this country, like the very dangerous drought we seem to be having. Hashem yeracheim.

Ben Bayit said...

Hey what about all that "new Jew" stuff, the one "who takes his fate into his own hands" and other similar stuff from kol dodi dofek? I thought that it was supposed to "re-energize" Religious Zionism and gives us another perspective instead of the Kook's.

Now you're saying we have to go back to what we did in Europe - just pray, and hope that the "insiders" (communal leaders, politicians, rabbis, etc) will be gracious enough to save a bit more than their own kin. When's Kastner's next train coming? I wanna get on it after I've finished davening minhca and saying a few kapitlach..........

daat y said...

Avinu Shebashamay is a given.
What are we doing?

Ezra said...

Ben Bayit must be Ben Horin. Wittiest Kastner reference in recorded history, sir.

I'm a longtime reader (first time commenter) of all the region's blogs from a small hilltop with a view of all of your homes (and I believe I even overheard the owner of this blog telling another fellow the url after shacharit at a brit mila friday prior to engaging in witty banter with the gabbai, who later checked me out at the local market). Small world.