Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Perush Elisheva on Ner Hanukkah

Daughter Number 2 has written and allowed me to share this (kvell kvell).

Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

Every year we celebrate the holiday of light. We all know the story of the Maccabees, and we all know the miracle of the Little oil cruse that lasted for 8 days. But what I would like to talk about is the light (the fire) on all most anything on ruchniyus in the gemora; Hachomim always compare it to fire. Why fire? After all, fire is a thing that is dangerous and it can kill. Anyway, so why are we compared to fire? Have you looked at fire ( a light candle that is) lately? well if you didn't its OK. If you look at the fire, it points up; unlike the rest of us that gravity holds us down, with fire its the only thing that goes up. And all so with giving we're compared, with water if we give some we have less; but with fire we give some and it stays the same.

Fire = Ruchniyus (spirituality, faith), which mean we always need fire, or more like we always use it. It's light to show us the way when its dark, its warmth when coldness is all over. And yet too much of it can burn down a whole city. So what I¢m trying to say here is, it doesn't hurt to give or believe but if you over do it everything around you will burn. So in a way fire (faith) is good, but by every step of the way there might be a cause to keep the amount just the way it is.

Love ya all,

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Yael said...

All I can say is that Daughter #2 is one smart little cookie! :) Beautifully said and an excellent reminder!