Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nidui Now!

Ma'ariv reports that in Manchester, England the low-life who went to hug Ahmedinejad (ימח שמו וזכרו) has been a) thrown out of his shul b) had his חברא קדישא dues returned and been informed that he'll be buried with the apostates on the other side of the fence and c) been informed that no kosher institution will sell him food and that if some do they will have their own הכשר removed. Good Work. Now let's see the same meted out to these ממזרים in Rockland County.

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David Strachman said...

Been trying to find a way to email you, but your blog doesnt have a way-- so im sorry to use this post. After reading your eloquent article on the Rav and BOston, i knew you were the man for my question: How can we daven a wrong fact in AL HaNisim ie neither Matisyahu nor Yochanan could have been a Cohain Gadol.

All the (layman's ) historical research i did proves this. So how can we daven it?